WHY JOIN? Membership Explained

Membership shall be open to all Burundi citizens who reside in the UK, irrespective of whether their Burundian citizenship was acquired by birth, adoption, marriage or naturalisation.

You are a Burundian if:

  1. You are Burundian by birth;
  2. Either of your parents is Burundian;
  3. Either of your grandparents is Burundian;
  4. Your citizenship was acquired through naturalization;
  5. You are an adopted child of a Burundian parent.

Membership shall be acquired by completing the membership application form and paying one time, non-refundable registration fee of £10. Payment of this fee is waived for the founding members. An annual membership fee of £20 is also required from each member at the end of a new year (December), but members shall have until end of December that year to pay their annual fee or pay a ten (10%) per cent late fee.

Membership shall be on an individual basis and shall be open only to Burundian 18 years old or older.

Honorary membership shall be granted to any person, irrespective of citizenship, who is found by the Executive Committee in consultation with the Board of Trustees to deserve of such honour and who supports the objectives and provisions set forth in the UKBD constitution.  Honorary members shall have no voting rights and could not be member of the Executive Committee. However, he/she can be elected to the Board of Trustees.

Burundians under the age of 18 shall not be members but shall be welcome at general meetings and other events.

No member shall lose his/her membership as a result of pledging allegiance to, or becoming a citizen of, any other country.

For more information on how to become a member, please contact a member of the Executive Team at: admin@burundiandiaspora.co.uk

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