We will organise and run a Special Day for the Burundian Diaspora with culture, entertainment and celebration awards. This will be a great occasion to recognise and give prizes to those who did their best and distinguished themselves in serving others in the community.

Creation of a Board of Experts to serve the community and be the 1st point of contact in many different cases: career, education and mentoring & support.

Creation of opportunity for our community to connect and build bridges by setting up Connection Groups for each area in UK where our members can meet and then collaborate on our community projects and support each other with the help of the Board of Experts.

Women will get together to help and work for a positive input in the building and the development of the community. Burundian women in the UK: the mothers, the sisters, the wives and the daughters will be able to contribute to the bettering of their families and the community as a whole, here in the UK at first and back home in Burundi afterwards.

We will also work extensively with others in and outside the UK, to develop programs related to the development and well being of our people, the peace and the respect of the rule of law in our country.

Another project we have to heart is for the UK Burundian Diaspora to work with the many Burundians in refugee camps in Rwanda and Tanzania and in the region to help them in different ways, especially the youth to become self reliant and stay on course with their education and knowledge.

The Solidarity Social Fund will be expended even further, bringing more members on board and the community together to help one another in times of need, but ultimately grow it into giving of small micro loans etc to help the members.

For more information about our projects, please contact a member of the Executive Team at: