Membership Explained

Membership of the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), UKBD, is open to anyone who is interested in furthering its purposes, and who, by applying for membership, has indicated his, her or its agreement to become a member and acceptance of the duty of members.

Admission procedure:

a) Applications for membership to be made.

b) Notification of acceptance or refusal is done within 21 days.

c) An annual  membership fee of £30.00 is payable by all members. This fee is payable by the end of January every year and charges of 10% for late payments will apply.

d) All new members who join the CIO shall pay their    annual membership fee at the time of registration. 

e) Membership of the CIO cannot be transferred to anyone else [except in the case of an individual or corporate body representing an organisation

For more information on how to become a member, please contact a member of the Executive Team at: